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If you aren’t Natasha, you don’t have to be afraid of Turkish men

Fortunately or not but for the three months I will be living in Turkey. One month has passed but I still remember my friends saying “Are you crazy?”, “Be aware of Turkish men”, “Please, do not bring Turkish man home”. Such thoughts accompanied me till the departure from the Vilnius airport.

This fear does not surprise me because of the widely known “adventures” that many Lithuanian girls enjoy around the world. But I have to point out that not only girls from my country stumble into traps of lovely and attentive Turkish men. Every woman who is tired from her life routine might easily fall in love with these brown eyes, black hair and supportive smile because they really know how to treat a woman.

Women start to feel special, better than the others and worthy. Bingo! This is the secret of their seduction. Actually all men should behave like this – carry on polite and gentle communication, do not spare compliments, walk you home and just be interested in what you have to say. “We never let woman go alone to the city,” said my friend X.

How many Lithuanian guys will wait for girls to dance until sunrise and without any intention walk them home? Well, if there are a few guys like this, it is still good.

Of course, sometimes foreigners start to feel so unique overrating their beauty that when they come back home it may be too cruel and hurtful to face the reality. Turkish men a while ago have found keys for all women needs and use them professionally, so if you don‘t get unpleasant impressions, you shouldn‘t cross the line or just feel them.

In the nightclubs Turkish women look at foreigners suspiciously, as at competitors. The same rule is for men too. Well, women from other countries just feel freer and some of them just came here for adventures. Several cocktails, passionate dance and out from nowhere will come guy and tell you „Could I taste your lips?“. Then, everything depends only on you. You have to answer for what reason you came here.

One of opportunities to save yourself, is to know one cultural difference. In Turkey looking into eyes doesn‘t mean sincere communication, it means that you like that person more than a friend. Of course not always, but usually it‘s true.

Well, I am not saying that situations described are common for all Turkish men without exception. But this is how men searching for one night stand or trying to get ticket to Europe behave. Sometimes it‘s even too easy. This is why I‘m not surprised any more why we hear a lot of stories about unfortunate marriages with Turkish guys and foreigners. To be honest, majority of women marriage people they met just on the street, bar, shops, so of course, there can be no future. Baby-faced brown eyes men are ready for everything.

Maybe it is one the reasons why before telling that I‘m Lithuanian I turn around and check if my friends are still here. “Lithuanian? Oh, I slept with 8 of them“, with pride is telling my friend Y. That evening I didn’t speak with him too much.

But I don‘t really blame my fellow-countrywomen. A lot of people behave like this because they know they are seeing each other for the first and the last time. Work visits, students exchange programmes or short holidays. I won‘t discuss morality question here.

Such attitude was created on the basis of Russian girls behaviour are called who in Turkey by one name „Natasha“. When USSR collapsed many Russian girls came here to work as prostitutes just for a dinner or supper. So if you are blonde you always feel evaluative look. They are checking if you are easy girl or not.

There is even a popular slogan „Natasha yat asagi!“, which means „Natasha jump into my bed!“. No wonder, why even and advertisement campaign „Natasha, go home!“ was made.

Surprisingly, Polish women have created different image. Several times I was asked whether the touch meant disrespect in Poland. I mean touching as tapping on shoulders, kissing on the cheeks and etc. Why I haven‘t heard about this before?

After some time I made a conclusion that such opinion may occur because of English language misunderstandings. On the other hand, of course it reflects on the entire Eastern European culture - people there are not so emotional and expressional as in Turkey. Here people smile a lot and use body language. Men are not afraid to get called gay for hugging each other or tapping on a shoulder.

Moreover, they always say hello touching each other cheeks and kissing it, but only with close friends. There aren’t any intimacy allusions.

All in all, despite all Turkish guys gimmicks, they know how to treat a woman and how to make her feel special. Friends from Lithuania are making jokes that for Lithuanian guys it will take a century to learn this. I hope that it will happen faster because there will be no women left.

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