2012 m. liepos 16 d., pirmadienis

Falling in love

Have you ever given an interview to a journalist during your first date with a new sweetheart? Well, by an accident I made it happen.

There was a nice couple drinking kahve (Turkish coffee), hot day as always and me, searching for new stories. They were 25 years old and quite friendly. They said that they met in a bar. Are they worried about parent’s acceptance? (Ok, I know it’s too early for these questions, but I needed more information). No, because both are from contemporary families.

Other couples with whom I tried to talk, well, just ask several questions couldn’t speak English or maybe just wanted privacy during the date J)

There are two types of couples here. Contemporary ones and traditional, you can tell one from another by their appearance. Looking at young couples only few young women wear scarves on their heads, it’s more popular amongst older females. (Why do men do not need to wear anything special?).

I haven’t seen a lot of kissing couples in public; it’s more common to hug or just hold hands. Turkish men sometimes are too annoying, but they know they have to behave with women. Communication is filled with a lot of respect. Nowadays is popular to search for wife or husband in Europe. I quess the reasons are clear for you.

Also, one day I was observing couples in late cinema show: gentle touches, sensitive kisses, caring about each other, bringing presents after a movie break (Turkish have 10 minutes pause during the film).

It was nice to see and feel that they are really caring about each other. I hope during this time I’ll meet a couple that will speak English and let me get a closer look at Turkish traditions.

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