2012 m. liepos 10 d., antradienis

The Hush

These days I’m entering “Media Religion Culture 2012” conference in Eskisehir. Every day after presentations I have to give a pause and sum up that I’ve heard. I feel that my attitude changes mostly toward various religions.

But during presentations there’s also games or panels. Yesterday all day I played a game called “The hush”. Actually it’s more like an experiment. This game works out like this: you have to register on the website silence.thearriving.com and you’ll get 5 messages during the next day at any moment.

When you receive that message you should stand in a silence for one minute and look at the sky or nowhere and contemplate how awesome life is.

"All the resources of our almost miraculous technology have been thrown into current assault against silence", Aldous Huxley, "On Silence".
Sounds ridiculous?
At first I thought in this way too, but this experiment works like pause button. You can just look around, stand in silence or forgot that life crashes onward, deadlines loom, trains leave the station and of course, you‘re late to the job or university again.

Jason Anthony is a writer, speaker and this game designer. He said that sometimes people during this game starts to ask questions like “who am I” or just reliefs the stress. Jason is not sure in how many countries it works because it's trial version.

During one minute you can take a look at your life from different perspective. And it may change everything or it could be a way just to relax.

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